Palpable economic crisis brewing, joblessness among youth’: Rahul Gandhi in letter to public

New Delhi: In a letter addressed to the citizens of India, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi warned of a "palpable economic crisis brewing" in the country under the present government. He stated, "There is a palpable economic crisis brewing - joblessness among the youth, unbearable price rise, severe farm distress, and the complete corporate capture of the country's wealth. People are worried about losing their jobs, their incomes are falling further, and their dreams of a better future are shattering. There is a deep sense of hopelessness across the country."

Daro Mat!' Rahul Gandhi writes in letter addressed to public The letter was released as the Congress's Bharat Jodo Yatra, a 3500 Km long journey in Jammu and Kashmir, is nearing its end. The letter will be distributed door-to-door under the party's upcoming program, Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyaan, which will take place from January 26 to March 26. The party aims to cover about 2.5 lakh gram panchayats, 6 lakh villages, and over 10 lakh polling stations to hand over this letter.

'Our greatness lies in our Unity in Diversity' In the letter, Rahul Gandhi urged citizens not to fear, saying, "The people of our country realize that we cannot reach our full potential unless we embrace our diversity and work shoulder to shoulder. I strongly believe that India will reject hatred. We will rise above caste, religion, language, gender, and all other differences that cause rifts in society. Our greatness lies in our Unity in Diversity. My message to each one of you - Daro Mat! Remove fear from your hearts, and hatred will vanish from within you." In addition to Rahul Gandhi's letter, a charge sheet listing the failures of the BJP government will also be handed over to citizens during the Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyaan program, according to Congress leader and general secretary (Communications) Jairam Ramesh. He also mentioned that the letter will be written in regional languages.