Kolkata: Patient claims molested inside operation theatre of Apollo hospital

A female patient was allegedly molested inside the operation theatre of a private hospital in Kolkata on Thursday. A case has been registered and further investigation is underway.

By Rajesh Saha: A 39-year-old woman was allegedly molested by a staffer as she lay in a semi-conscious state in the operation theatre of Apollo Hospital in Kolkata on Thursday. She has filed a complaint with Phoolbagan police. The patient, admitted for gallbladder surgery, claimed that she was transferred to the OT and given anesthesia at around 9 am on Thursday. The surgery was over by 11 am, the woman said, adding that while she lay in a semi-conscious state she felt someone touching her private parts.

"Someone standing on my right side was groping me. It was so painful for me. When I was slowly gaining consciousness, I realised I was being groped. I could feel everything but wasn't able to move or stop him as I was under the effect of anesthesia. When I could open my eyes I noticed marks on my private parts," the woman said.