Covid surge in China can create havoc across the globe: Report

While the world is still recovering from the losses of livelihoods, damages to businesses and national economies, and healthcare disruptions, the new, deadly variant of coronavirus from China can create havoc across the globe if its spread is not checked in time, reported The HK Post. What is going on in China at present has stoked fears about the repetition of the horrific Covid-19 outbreak that killed millions of people across the globe. And like what Beijing did in 2019, this time too Chinese authorities are hiding information about the coronavirus infections from their own people and the world outside. This demands Beijing must take its citizens and the international community into confidence and share the ground realities with them, reported The HK Post.Millions of new cases are reported from China daily.


Major cities including Shanghai and Beijing are reeling under rapidly increasing infections. Hospitals and funerals are crowded, and streets are empty. People are not getting beds in the hospitals. They are forced to stay and sleep on benches and floors of hospitals. Even students are disallowed from attending school. Teachers and school staff are falling ill.